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To aide in the transformation of one’s core which will in-turn provide a stabilized foundation for all young women transitioning out of the foster care system. Our goal is to provide young women with the push that’s needed to change their lives for the better. That push will start from within, THEIR CORE.

Our Purpose and Who we serve

H.A.W.T Muse takes a “You are my sister” approach to building up young women that are currently within the foster care system. We provide webinars, seminars,workshops, transitional advocacy, internships for college credit, potential funding via our Emergency Displacement Fund and more. The women we help also include those that have already aged out of the system and still need assistance. The world will be inspired by their stories and would be eager to not only be a part of their growth process; but will also have a hand in the minimization of failing youth and young adults in America.


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If it wasn’t for H.A.W.T Muse and it's "Emergency Displacement Fund" and their assistance through this difficult time, who knows what these next couple of weeks would have looked like.

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Thank God for people like you.

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I see our youth positively being affected by sessions, if one or two youth are able to benefit, grow, learn, and excel then H.A.W.T Muse  has made its mark on the next generation.

- S.C

Happy Woman

I contacted Tameka Mclean/H.A.W.T Muse for help for a foster youth aging out of the system.  Tameka was absolutely wonderful, caring and beyond helpful. I felt an instant connection to her because she understood the issues and concerns and was so willing to help.

- Anne S. (Foster Aunt)

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- A.C

- Stephanie V.

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