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Who Are We?

We're an organization founded and ran by former foster care youth.  Our website, social media, organizational newsletter and newly designed logo were all created and built with the love and hands of foster care alumni and adoptees. Lastly, our board, is also comprised of foster care alumni.


The H.A.W.T Muse team is made up of volunteers, interns and certified facilitators. This organization has been built and ran with little to no funding.  With a non-traditional approach; our goal is to continue to push and strive to provide the services and support to foster care youth in need.  We do this with the help of great people that believe in our mission and has the passion for the work they intend to do. 

This organization was also created with the intent to fulfill the needs of underprivileged young women that didn’t have the upbringing of their more privileged peers. These young women are wards of the state/orphans. They are either in group homes, foster homes, have aged out and or have no one to turn to.  These women come from broken homes, abusive living conditions or worse. Our goal is to provide all the tools and services to help get them on track and prepare them for adulthood. We want them to thrive in a world that is foreign to them and in a world that isn’t always accepting of them.

Programs and organizations such as H.A.W.T Muse are needed in underprivileged communities, ESPECIALLY in inner city/underdeveloped communities all over the world.  For a young woman to know that she has someone or a place to turn to, that will give them consistent guidance, support and services to help them through all challenging phases of life, from the age of 16-26, up until the age of 30 with limited  resources. This would be paramount to the betterment of their futures. Our organization provides them with the proper tools that will help them gain a sustainable quality of life. 


 With us, their future is more promising than ever!