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The SGLP Program©

H.A.W.T Muse has a Seasonal Grade Level Program (SGLP©Patent Pending) in place. The Seasonal Grade Level Program (SGLP), is a 12 month program that provides each young woman the ability to learn, obtain healthy behaviors and self sustainability. 


The SGLP consists of 4 grade levels. First Level is our “Freshman Muse”. Second Level is the “Sophomore Muse”. Third Level is the “Junior Muse”. And Fourth, is our “Senior Muse” Level.

Prior to placement, each young woman will have to go through an application process. Just as they would if they were applying for a new position within their desired field. Each woman will be required to fill out an online application and submit a 3-minute video outlining the reason why they would be a great fit for the program and what they are looking to achieve.

Each woman will have the option to sign back up at the end of their one year stretch with us, until the ending of their 4th year. We work with young women between the ages of 16-30. We assist Foster Care Alumni as well.  They receive limited services and resources.

Summer Independence Program (S.I.P©)

Two weeks per month during their summer break, The summer Independence program will be a home away from home. Every summer we will take in 8 of these young women, who will live in an independent living space from Monday-Friday. On weekends, they will have the option to go back home or partake in recreational activities with the rest of the group.

The purpose of this program is to prepare the women for real life and real-world living experiences. The women will take all the tools and lessons learned throughout the year and implement them during this summer living experience. They will learn the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with their landlords, the importance of paying their bills on time, budgeting and managing money in real time, and to also learn how to properly prepare and serve a meal and more.

For more information on enrollment and program start dates please feel free to Contact Us.