During COVID-19 we made all programs virtual via our Youth Pilot Program (see here).  


Yoga and Wellness (see here)was added to the lineup two months into the the Pandemic as an option for coping during a trying time. 

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Career Development is at the core of our services. While taking on a career you have many other challenges that come with that. All services provided will help the youth tackle those challenges all while helping them gain and maintain a successful career path.

Career Development: Introduces the youth to a wide variety of career choices. During this session we assess their talents and help them find a satisfying career path.

Health & Wellness: Assists the youth with coping mechanisms that will aid in  job stress management and more. 

Personal Development: In this session, they will have the ability to take what they have learned in their Health and Wellness sessions, and apply this to their day to day lives by utilizing self reflecting activities.  Through self reflecting, they'll learning how to effectively communicate and set attainable goals.

Financial Literacy: While obtaining a job it's important that the youth have the ability to manage they're monthly income. In this session we will break down banking services, healthy spending and saving habits. 

Home Stabilization:  In our home stabilization sessions, they'll be able to utilize ALL lessons learned throughout the above services provided.


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