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Anne S.

When I first read about H.A.W.T Muse’s purpose and their taking a “You are my sister…” approach, I didn’t realize what that truly meant.  I contacted Tameka Mclean for help for a foster youth aging out of the system.  Tameka was absolutely wonderful, caring and beyond helpful.  I felt an instant connection to her because she understood the issues and concerns and was so willing to help.  She listened to the foster youth’s story, decided on how to best approach the issues she was facing and then started a campaign of phone calls and emails.  She went as far as contacting Governor Cuomo’s office!  When the foster youth was faced with no housing for winter intercession from college, Tameka spent countless hours contacting places and finding a suitable placed for her to live, getting all necessary information that would be needed to apply for housing.  Tameka was able to lessen the burden I faced in helping this foster youth.  If you are a foster youth who is aging out of the system or someone helping a foster youth and need help, Tameka Mclean is the person you should contact.