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H.A.W.T’s Webinar Assessment (Beta)


Currently, we are hosting a pilot test for Virtual Seminars. We are assessing the needs of foster care youth during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


While filling out the below assessment, keep in mind that the idea is to focus on current needs and the preparation of the aftermath of this Pandemic (their future). 


Consider this a tailored program specially packaged for your youth. 


You do not have to select each program being as though it may not benefit their needs.


Each Session will take place once per week in the form of a webinar via ZOOM or Google Hangouts (your preference). There will be activities and assignments to help keep the youth engaged.

See programs offered below.



Program 1:  Mental Health (group sessions with a holistic approach)

H.A.W.T’s Group Therapy Sessions



During this time the world is facing daily challenges. Our youth who are in foster care/residing in group homes are facing a multitude of challenges of their own. Some of these challenges extend far beyond losing a job, deeper then not being able to pay rent. When this pandemic hit, some of these young adults were in the process of transitioning into healthy living conditions. Unfortunately, some of those cases had to come to a halt. As a result, they are now forced to continue to live on lock down while trying to cope with the abuse(mental/physical). In addition to the above, some young adults are aging out of the system during this time of the pandemic. Where are they being placed? In shelters, with a larger population of people? Which is an environment that is deemed to be dangerous territory? This will only heighten their chances of contracting COVID-19. The feeling of fear is prevalent during this time for these youth and young adults.

These sessions will cover life management skills, relationship and family issues, and the client's overall relationship with self. The therapists will assist with helping the youth clear out old patterns of behavior and beliefs that are suppressing growth. 



Program 2:  Financial Literacy​

For the finance webinars we focus on finance education and implementation.

During these seminars, the young women will learn the following:

  • Opening a Savings and Checking account (the use and importance of both)

  • Direct Deposit

  • Saving 10%

  • Credit and maintaining a good score

  • How to build credit

  • Budgeting

  • Net worth


Program 3:  Career Development​

This seminar is designed to ensure that every woman has the necessary tools to be successful in the workforce. We will provide the following workshops, programs, services and or referral services:

  • GED Prep

  • Assistance with College Applications

  • College Touring

  • Financial Aid

  • Grant Letter Submissions

  • Tutoring

  • Resume Building

  • Job search assistance

  • Mock Interviews/Dress for success

  • Certifications and their benefits


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