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Webinar Sessions for Foster care youth

Our sessions is our response to the needs of Foster Care Youth during the time of COVID-19.

With refusing to allow this pandemic to cripple our progress, we continued to focus on our mission and found a way to still roll out our programs and services with very little funding. We reached out to local agencies until we received our first YES!

We are now working with foster care youth of Westchester County, NY.  

Due to our focus on keeping the safety of our youth at the forefront, we have blotted out the faces of the youth. 

 The below is an introduction to our AMAZING facilitators and snapshots of us in action during our webinars with foster care youth.  Enjoy!


"I see our youth positively being affected by sessions, if one or two youth are able to benefit, grow, learn, and excel then H.A.W.T Muse has made it's mark on the next generation."

- S.C

Recreational, Educational & Independent Living Coordinator

 Serena is our Career Development Facilitator. She is a Corriculum Designer with over 10 years experience. She holds an MPH in Health Education from California State University, Northridge.  Serena has created curricula covering various topics from teen pregnancy prevention to youth unemployment . Serena's sessions cover resume/cover letter writing, job interview skills,  and college prep.

Serena Holguin
Joined Team on 04.21.2020
Dr. Sonaliz Morel-Baker
Joined Team on 08.31.2019

 Sonaliz is a board member and volunteer Finance Facilitator. She volunteers her time to assist in areas of need within our organization. She received a BA in Political Science & English Literature from Baruch College, a Master’s in Public Administration from John Jay College, and a Doctor of Education (EdD) degree in Educational Technology Leadership from the New Jersey City University.

Sav is our Certified Yoga Instructor, She is the founder of  Yoga Savvy in NYC. She began on her Brooklyn rooftop with an urge to teach from her light within. This practice isn’t just physical—it is a path for your life. It is a means of seeing, healing, and being. 

Sav Aiello
Joined team on 05.16.2020

 Lauren is our Health and Wellness Facilitator. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach.  She holds an BA in Science  & Sociology from Wittenberg University.  She has social service experience and has coordinating her own programs via other organizations. In her sessions she will cover topics such as self-awareness, which increases confidence and power by uncovering and embracing one's special purpose.

Lauren Purnell
Joined Team on 04.30.2020


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